Proficiency in Art

Learn and Master Watercolors in 8 Weeks

Who is this course meant for?

This life enhancing course is for you if:-

  • You are a beginner or aspiring and want to improve ur painting abilities drastically.
  • You are stressed in life and want to learn painting using watercolors for recreation and stress-relief.
  • You want to transform your personal life by learning a new painting skill.
  • You wish to gain confidence through changing mindset.
  • You are finding it difficult to learn watercolor techniques and struggling with this medium for a pretty long time.
  • You want to boost up your career by learning under a highly professional and experienced international artist.
  • You want to become a professional artist urself and teach other aspiring, effectively.

Problem description

This course is a perfect answer to solve the following pain points:-

  • Finding it very difficult to learn watercolor painting techniques all by yourself.
  • Unable to determine which techniques to use for achieving a specific result.
  • Not sure how & where to start a painting and how to keep going till the end.
  • Color mixing and selecting color palette seems too difficult.
  • Do not know how n why to choose particular subject for making an impact full painting.
  • Not capable of making a plan of execution before starting with a painting.
  • Always feeling something lacking n missing in your painting, sense of incompleteness n unfillfillment.
  • Painting masterfully like a professional artist seems impossible goal.
  • Feeling demotivated, frustrated and under-confident throughout the painting process.

What you’ll learn:-

By participating in this course, you will:-

  • Gain confidence over yourself through a positive mindset shift.
  • Understand Important fundamental concepts: Elements of Art, Principles of Art, Color theory, etc.
  • Learn Watercolor basics, color mixing techniques, and many concepts.
  • Know How to make an impressive composition for making a successful painting.
  • Master simple, basic and advanced watercolor techniques.
  • Learn to handle errors & mistakes.
  • How to use various materials required for creating a realistic watercolor painting.
  • Thoroughly analyse a subject before starting to paint it.
  • Design a strategic plan depending on a given subject.
  • Understand clearly the 3 main strategies for painting – easiest first, darkest first, most important first.
  • How to plan your own strategies to obtain absolutely any texture in watercolors.
  • Importance of Paper stretching and its significance.
  • Learning 2 drawing techniques.
  • Paint a project l painting from scratch to finish in a step-by-step manner.
  • Learn to critique without criticising

Course outcome:-

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Overcome your limiting beliefs related to watercolor painting.
  • Master watercolor painting skills.
  • Know how to plan and compose for a successful painting.
  • Complete a painting from start to finish under guidance.
  • Gain the confidence to paint an entire watercolor painting by yourself.
  • Relax, meditate, and enjoy the whole process of painting.
  • Learn how to paint a painting like a professional artist.

Why do I want to offer this course:-

I am a completely self-taught artist with absolutely no formal education in art, but lot of passion for learning n art. I was initiated into the watercolor world in 2018 in a workshop in Diamond Harbour by Fabriano. Then In pure pristine Banaras ghats, by Ganges, I underwent a life changing transformation ,fathomed the washes, composition and how to enjoy ecstasy of watercolours. I started painting streets and ghats of Banaras using watercolors and my work was selected in IWS Canada. Since then there has been no stopping me back. My work was selected and exhibited in numerous international forums. Still I had no idea where to start, how to paint, and what subjects to paint. I tried to learn from YouTube videos and from various watercolor blogs. I committed several mistakes and learned from each of my mistakes. I soon figured out a strategy for learning fast and in a more efficient manner. This strategy helped me to gain confidence in painting in a matter of a few months and also helped me to figure out how to paint absolutely any subject in a style using watercolors. I invested heavily on myself, both money and time, and worked, studied learnt, practised, discussed the fundamentals of Art and incorporated them into my work. COVID lockdown n husbands ill health made me housebound and I utilised this time to refine, define, explore and hone my Art skills as a Masterartist, Art Educator, Art entrepreneur, art author, art innovator.

In my sessions, I focus on participants mindset and help them to realise that they can paint whatever subject they want once they understand fundamentals and learn how to analyze and plan before starting a painting.

Through this online course, I want to share my knowledge and skills and guide the aspiring artists to paint confidently within a short time.

By participating in this course you will learn how to relax, have fun, enjoy and joyously develop a strong understanding of arts and watercolor painting.

My unique teaching strategy will help you to learn painting in this medium in a much faster and enjoyable manner.

What is included?

  • Videos, downloadable PDFs, worksheets and exercises for practice.
  • a private Facebook group.
  • Several live training sessions by the tutor.
  • Problem solving & clarity sessions.
  • Step-by-step painting by participants from scratch to finish under guidance from the tutor.
  • 1-hour feedback session after the completion of the painting project.
  • 1-hour career guidance and a mentoring session on the last day of the course.

How Proficiency in Art course is unique

  • This is a transformation based course and not just information based.
  • It brings about a positive mindset change and helps in fast n focused learning.
  • In view of hectic lives of participants all sessions are recorded and available in the dedicated fb group for learning at a comfortable time and pace from home at their convenience. So no fear of missing something important.
  • This unique course is designed to accelerate your learning abilities by overcoming your mindset blocks.
  • This well-structured course is designed to help you develop an in-depth understanding of art along with mastering your painting skills.
  • U can select project work
  • The live-sessions in this course allow the participants to interact with the tutor and get direct feedback and reviews on their exercises and project painting by the tutor.
  • This course is being conducted by a highly qualified and successful Art Educator who is passionate about making her students succeed in their goal of becoming Proficient in Art.

How will the course be conducted?

  • This course will be conducted in a private Facebook group.
  • Students will study by referring to the course materials and videos.
  • Course contents related to one module will be released every week.

Watercolor painting materials required for this course:-

  • Watercolor paper: Arches cold-pressed 300gsm.
  • Watercolor paints: Must be artists grade preferably from Daniel Smith,Mission Gold, Winsor & Newton, Schmincke, Holbein, M.Graham,
  • Colors: The list of colors will be provided after the registration.
  • Paintbrushes: Hake brush (2”), Round brush (#00, #2, #6)
  • Stretcher board (optional, if you are using Arches watercolor block paper)
  • Artist’s Masking Tape.
  • Masking fluid preferably from Winsor & Newton or Schmincke.
  • Mr. Clean’s Magic eraser (highly recommended)
  • Brown Stretcher tape (optional, if you are using Arches watercolor block paper)
  • 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, eraser, tracing paper, graphite paper, ruler, q-tip, paper towels, white plastic palette, a plastic jar for water.

Course duration: 8-weeks

Course Start date: Next batch is starting from 20th January 2021 (tentative)

Price of Course: 457USD (Installment facility available)

Other courses Available:

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  2. Art Foundation course course in 4 weeks, cost 167USD.
  3. Mastering watercolour techniques in 4 weeks, cost 147USD.
  4. Wow textures in watercolours in 4 weeks, cost 137USD.
  5. Mastering colours. All about colours in 3 weeks, cost 127USD. 

PDFs/guides: PDF on Colours, PDF on Sketching.


Titled : Watercolours an Enigma, An easy, fun & Doable ready reckoner. (In printing………..)