Beautify Your WORLD With BRUSHES

I am Dr. Madhumeeta Banerjee, a Medical Professor & International Watercolorist, Graphite & Coffee Artist.

I am a Dedicated Art Coach, Art Entrepreneur, Activist & Author. After lots of Study, Practice, Research & experience I have created my art courses to be Crisp, Fun, Easy, and Doable.

After doing my course you will feel the Beauty of Art and gain a new purpose and perspective in life. You will be able to paint all by yourself, with your own hands, and make Joyful paintings with simple Instructions.

With Personalized Guidance, Handholding, and Step by Step techniques you will become an Expert & Confident Artist. These courses will help you to be Positively Empowered and Transformed.

Commissioned / Sold Work/ Art for SALE

A lifetime of Art experiences, exploration, learning, innovating and creating from Heart & Soul

Golden Abode

Golden Abode

Holy Gaze

Holy Gaze

Destiny Shaping

Destiny Shaping

Gorgeous Tulips

Gorgeous Tulips

We understand everyone is different, that’s why we curate tailor made learnings for you, suited to your level of understanding & your needs.

What our students say

Dr. Anju Banga

From Ambala Haryana

Madhu you are an amazing artist and an even more amazing teacher of arts…
 I have known you since my college days as a humane person and doctor…
 But you have evolved beautifully through your journey in art!!!I was lucky to have learnt the basics of art from you .As a novice in the field of art.. I have benefited so much thanks for introducing me to this beautiful world of colors…

Anupa Chakravorty

From USA

My journey of discovering the watercolorist in me has been wonderful and very rewarding.
Her instructions have been informative and exact. Her class started with the basics, and it was eye-opening to learn about so many intricacies of colors, paper, light, brush strokes, washes, etc. I felt empowered to try out everything with that knowledge. Although it can take years to really become an artist of caliber like she is. There is a fee for the class, but the value I am getting out of it is priceless! Thanks to Madhumeeta Banerjee, an inspiring artist, and teacher, for her superb guidance, constant encouragement, and committed support!

Inderjeet Kaur

From Kamalpura Ludhiana

Good evening mam. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. Inderjit Kaur, I did my graduation from Khalsa college for women Kamalpura. Your way of teaching is very nice, wonderful, and effective for all art students. In the future also, your guidance will be helpful... to us.
I'm feeling great doing this course because the stress of the whole day just goes away when I'm with you online Thanks, Mam.

Course Details

Ultimate Watercolor Painting Course

This elite & comprehensive course will help you become an expert & confident watercolorist.

 The live interactive online classes, Art fundamentals, compositional guidelines, watercolor techniques & textures will empower you in step by step way to make the watercolor painting from start to finish all by yourself.

Magical Acrylic Painting Course 

This course will help you to draw and paint wonders of nature / Still Life / Portraits, in a Fun, Easy & Doable way. 

Art fundamentals & brush stroke techniques will help you in a step-by-step way to become a confident artist.

Graphite Art Foundation Course

In this course, You will learn the skill of observation, perception & sketching the beauty around you expertly

Interactive live sessions, videos & regular practice during the course will significantly help you to become a confident Graphite Artist.

Soul Latte- Coffee Painting Course

In this course, you will explore the beautiful and aromatic medium of coffee painting in a step-by-step way.

Art fundamentals, techniques textures learned in this course will empower you to create wonderful coffee paintings from start to finish.