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Dr. Madhumeeta Banerjee is a self taught watercolorist and artist with soul. Originally an MBBS, MD, a medical professional, a professor in a dental college and one of the directors of Sadbhavna group of institutions. She has trained, retrained, learned and relearned, reviewed and re-explored her multifarious talents to emerge as an Artist. Her life joys and sorrows, tragedies and set backs, gifts and losses, have steeled her on the path of Art. Her pain has cleansed her soul and Art is like a meditation for her. Her vision is to bring joy and blessings to all those who view her art. Positivity and happiness ooze out of her art works, be it a face of a child, or an age lined face, all depict faith, trust, hope, enthusiasm and waiting. Her paintings abound in usage of warm and vivacious colours and the characters speak out.

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