Mastering Water-colours in Depth
Course duration: 8 Weeks
Mode: Online/Offline

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Course Details

This life enhancing course is for you if:

  • You are a beginner or Aspiring Artist.
  • You want to Overcome Stress in life. 
  • You have a desire to Express YOUR Emotions.
  • You want to Connect with your soul through watercolors.
  • You want to Transform your personal life. 
  • You want to become a Confident and Expert artist.
  • You are facing Difficulty in Learning watercolor all by yourself.
  • You want to have a Positive Mindset
  • You desire to Share your painting on social media, Participate in Competitions, and Exhibitions.
  • You aim to become a Famous Artist, have an Alternative career, and Earn respectably.
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Course Outcome:

At the end of the course you will be able to:

Master Watercolor Painting skills.

Expertly Plan, Compose and Execute a painting in a Step by Step way.

Overcome Limiting beliefs regarding Watercolors in a Fun, Easy and Doable way and Acquire a Positive Mindset.

Become a part of a Loving, Friendly, Encouraging, Sharing & Caring Facebook Community and make rapid strides in an Art career.

Relax, Meditate and Enjoy the transformative process.

Complete a painting from start to finish confidently.

Why do I want to Offer This Course:

I am a SELF-TAUGHT ARTIST with a lot of passion for learning Art. I was initiated into the water-colour world in 2018 in a workshop in ‘Diamond Harbour’ by ‘Fabriano’. Afterwards, in pure pristine,‘ Banaras Ghats’, by ‘Ganges’. I underwent a life changing transformation, fathomed the washes, composition and how to enjoy the ecstasy of water-colours.I started painting Streets and Ghats of Banaras using water-colours. By God’s grace, my work was selected in ‘IWS Canada’. Since then there has been no stopping me back. My work has been selected and exhibited in numerous international forums. In my sessions, I focus on participant’s mind-set and help them to realise that they can paint whatever subject they want, once they understand the fundamentals and learn how to analyse and plan before starting a painting.

Through this online course, I want to share my knowledge and skills and guide the aspiring artists to paint confidently within a short time.

By participating in this course, you will learn how to relax, have fun, enjoy and joyously develop a strong understanding of arts and watercolours painting.

My unique teaching strategy will help you to learn painting in this medium in a much faster and enjoyable manner.

Why Ultimate Watercolor Painting Course  is Unique

  • This is a transformation-based course and not just information-based.
  • It will bring about a positive mindset change 
  • It will help in fast and focused learning.
  • In view of the busy lives of participants, all sessions are recorded and made available in the  Facebook group for learning, at their comfortable time and pace, from home. 
  • This unique course is designed to accelerate your learning abilities by overcoming your mindset blocks.
  • This course will help you to develop an in-depth understanding of art along with mastering painting skills.
  • The live interactive sessions will help the participants to learn & practices watercolor in a fun, easy, and doable way.

How will the course be conducted?

  • This course will be conducted in a private Facebook group. 
  • Students will study by referring to the course materials and videos. 
  • Course contents related to one module will be released every week. 

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