"YOU, YOURSELF as much as anybody in the UNIVERSE deserve your LOVE and AFFECTION"

So, Let us be our valentine ourselves.

Let us plant a own gardens and decorate our own souls, instead of waiting for others to bring us flowers 💐

So ,"Loving yourself or selflove is not VANITY but SANITY".

Art helps you to love yourself, it teaches equpis and nurtures you in the journey of LIFE.

Unless you enjoy your own company you can't cherish others truly.

Let me share about, How you can practice SELF LOVE:-

1. Self Realization.

2. Setting Boundaries.

3. Avoiding Comparison.

4. Being Mindful.

5. Living in the present moment.

6. Realizing your bright Spots.

7. Celebrating yourself.

8. Taking Responsibility & Accountability.

9. Avoiding Harsh and Punishing attitude towards yourself.

10. Self Forgiveness.

11. Accepting not everyone will like you.

12. Having Fun & Laughing at yourself.

13. Maintains Gratitude journal daily.

14. Rejoicing your small Wins.

15. Acknowledge your feelings & move ahead.

16. Taking Good care of your Body.

17. Asserting yourself.

18. Asking for help when needed.

19. Surrounding yourself with people who are positive, inspiring & motivating.

20. Allowing yourself breaks, rest, pampering & rejuvenation.

PERSUE ART(MUSIC 🎶 DANCE 💃, SPORTS ⚽, YOGA🧘‍) this is a sure way to unleash happy hormones.

When you practice Art, Drawing, Sketching & Painting your soul expands & elevates.

You experience relaxation, happiness, self worth, confidence & this makes your persona beautiful & blooming.

Knowing yourself means understanding:-

·     Who you are.

·     What you stand for.

·     What you want to be.

·     Who you want to be with.

What is your goal.

Learning to say No is to:-

·     Draw boundaries.

·     Don’t compare yourself with others because we are different and unique.

·     Celebrate your uniqueness.

·     Have no envy and no jealousy.

·     Be mindful.

·     Be present in the moment.

·     Seize the day.

·     Know your strengths.

·     Focus on the present moment  or you will be anxious and drained.

·     Know your strength and concentrate on your capability to find how you can serve better.

·     Celebrate yourself & give yourself treat.

·     Take responsibility and accountability for yourself, so be honest to yourself.

·     Don’t be harsh, hard and punishing on yourself. Admit and  Embrace your imperfections.

·     Understand that Mistakes are normal, but avoid repeating same mistakes.

·     Self forgiveness is important and understand that you did the best under the circumstances.

·     Accept the fact that not everyone will like you.

Benefits of Self Love:-

Self-love has many benefits; the first benefit is greater life satisfaction. When we love ourselves more, we instantly change our perception of the world. Self-love can give us a more positive and healthy attitude towards life.

The second benefit of self-love is that it can encourage us to pick up good habits. Self-love means loving your body, soul, and mind. Therefore, people who love themselves often refrain from doing things that will have a negative  impact on their tranquility. So a healthy mindset, soul set, heart set and body set will contribute towards an empowered human being.

Originally published May 2, 2019