We often borrow from our tomorrows to pay the debt to our yesterdays. __KAHLIL GIBRAN.

You guessed rightly, TIME. It is the most evanescent and expensive, astounding, heartless n benevolent, and the only thing that is constantly changing.

In life, TIME often slipped through my hands leaving me yearning, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and at war with myself . During the Covid Era, being housebound, caring for my ill husband, I studied; researched to seek answers & solutions. So here I’m sharing what I learned:

Various Time Management Techniques are:

1. 80/20 PRINCIPLE. It says 80% result comes from 20% of our actions/work. 

 FOCUS on important tasks so that you will manage your time better. 

2. ABCDE METHOD: You can Prioritise tasks with the ABCDE method in work and personal life. 

First, make a list of tasks and then classify them as ABCDE.

A: stands for most important tasks which have to be done at any cost. 

B: less important works should be done. 

C: Stands for no consequence work, nice if u do or don't do. 

D: Delegate if u can. 

E: stands for tasks that can be eliminated, which are irrelevant and encroaching on productivity and efficiency.

3. ADOPT 4D SYSTEM: Delete, Delegate, Defer, Do 

4. FOLLOW 18 MINS CLEANSING DAILY: -5 mins in the morning to sit n think and make a 

TO-DO LIST. -01 min per hour to REFOCUS. 

                              Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you spent the last hour productively. -5 mins in the evening review how your day went. 

5. Work during your MOST PRODUCTIVE HOURS. 

6. Sleep & wake up at SIMILAR TIME every day. 

7. AVOID MULTITASKING, focus on what you're doing. 

8. DO at least one CREATIVE ACTIVITY like Reading, Journaling, Painting, Music, Hearing motivational Lectures, etc for your inner growth. 

9. Earmark at least 30mins for EXERCISE daily. 

10. AVOID frequently browsing SOCIAL MEDIA, checking mobile, casual discussions, and long phone calls while working.

I am following these basic TIME MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES and feel more organized, creative, productive, happier, and peaceful.

Do suggest and share which time management techniques you are following.

 Let us learn from each other and progress in life together.

Originally published May 2, 2019