Advanced Graphite Portrait Course

Duration: 8 weeks


For the initiated Artist, Who wants to explore & Master the Enigmatic portrait, This course is the answer.

This course will Enable and Empower the Artist to understand the basic form of the Face, capture the Expressions & draw a delightful realistic portrait.

GOAL: Rich & Scientific way of learning drawing accurately, bringing out Facial Expressions Realistically & Masterfully.

DURATION - 8 weeks

Hands on training will be provided.

What You Will Learn:

Module - 1 
  • Inculcating a Positive Mind-set 
  • Fundamentals of Art 
  • Understand Greyscale and the importance of TONE.
  •  Intricacies of SHADING.
Module - 2
  • In an EASY and SCIENTIFIC way, learn to draw FRONT and SIDE of the Face.
  • Reference & Assignments.
  • Male & Female Faces will be covered.
Module - 3
  • Learn to draw in a Fun way Eyes, Lips, Ear, Nose, and Hair.
  • Assignments.
Module - 4
  • Project Work will include independently making a Portrait from start to finish.