Graphite Art Foundation Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Mode: Online

The certificate will be Provided



This is not a usual drawing course, rather a fantastic way to equip you with knowledge which is latent and unexpressed within you.

It will encourage you to learn skill of OBSERVATION, nurture your perception, analytic and visual skills.

This course will alter the way you perceive your environment, mundane  , inconsequential, and taken for guaranteed things around us, will acquire a new purpose and beauty.

Outcome of Course:

You will become a more intuitive and positive person.

Keen observation and hand eye coordination.

In a fun, easy and Doable way you will create a style of your own in Art.

With regular practice and assignments, you will discern significant improvement in your skill , aptitude and attitude.

Art fundamentals knowledge will strengthen your basics, so that you can apply this in other fields of your life, both personal and professional.

How Course Will be Conducted:

  • It will be conducted through Zoom in a close group in Facebook. 
  • You will have access to sessions for one year after investing in it. 
  • We shall have live sessions, PDFs, Videos, Assignments. 
  • I shall clarify doubts; share my current and upcoming projects, events, workshops, exhibitions so that you can also participate. 
  • Duration of live session 1 to 2 hours. 
  • Reference pictures will be provided.
  • Certificate will be Provided

Sketching/ Drawing Is The Gateway To Art

Line, the basic element, initiates the art journey, giving it shape, body, substance, mood, soul and character.

Sketching is indeed the magic wand that can transform a blank paper sheet into a magical and impressive art work.

Understanding the hand grip, basic shapes, shading, will solidify your basic foundation and enable you to create your own masterpiece, from start to finish.

The role of keen observation and dedicated practise cannot be over emphasised to acquire Mastery in sketching/ drawing

4 Weeks Graphite Course Has 4 Modules


  • Importance  of Sketching
  • Hand Grips 
  • Elements of Art, Principles, and Compositional Guidelines 
  • Practicing Line, types of lines, shapes

  • Light and concept of Shading
  • Creating form from a Shape by shading.
  • Types/ Techniques of shading.
  • Understanding Tone/ Greyscale.
  •  Creating STILL LIFE with graphite
  •  Assignment.

  • Living / dynamic Shapes
  • Geometric shapes.
  • Draw Flowers - 4 types
  •  Draw leaves-6 types
  • Assignment
  • Select Reference for Project Sketch.

  • Creating Landscape with sketching.
  • Creating Portrait with sketching.
  • How to Make a Face outline confidently.
  • How to make Eyes, Nose, Ears, Lips, and Hair in a realistic way.
  • Assignment.
  • A project master sketch.
  • Award certificate on Submission of Graphite project & Testimonial.