Magical Water Colour Mini-Course with Wow Textures

Watercolor is indeed one of the most delightful and Soul touching mediums for aspiring artists.

Duration: 4 weeks

Mode: Online

The certificate will be Provided

We establish our connection with nature by learning to draw & paint flowers, landscapes & portraits. There are many styles, realistic, hyper-realistic, loose style, abstract, impressionistic, etc. for painting wonderful nature.

I can help YOU to recognize and evolve your individualistic style and paint fabulous paintings for home decor or gifting etc.

Nature is a versatile subject and watercolor techniques can be used in different ways to paint exquisite flowers, landscapes & portraits and establish you as an Expert Artists.

In this course, I will be starting with encouraging a positive mindset & elaborating the basic elements of art especially colors.

Then I shall elaborate on various Modules, Step by Step, different techniques and modalities for painting in your characteristic way/ style.

Magical water color course is a Fun, Doable and Easy way to  master water colors.

How The Magical Water Color  Course Is Carried Out

Module - 1
  • Handling Mindset issues and blocks
  • Elements of Art 
  • Understand colors & value,light,complimentary,warm & cool colours.
  • Design YOUR own Colorwheel.
Part - II
  • Understand Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture with example.
  • Sketching and shading
Module - 2

                    Part - I

  • Principles of Art 
  • Compositional Guidelines
  •  Illustrate with examples of paintings.

Part - II 

  • Watercolor techniques
  • Understanding behavior of Paper, Brushes, and Paints responding to different Wetness Levels.
  • Assignment
Module - 3 

  • Practical Demonstration of watercolor techniques wet on wet, Negative Painting, washes, Dry Brush, Splattering, etc. 
  • Select reference Picture.
  • Use elements & principal of art to compose a painting from a reference picture.
Module - 4

  • Strategize the  Painting 
  • Step by Step approach 
  • Make Thumbnail 
  • Select Color Swatch and palette 
  • Plan the Background 
  • Usage of masking tape/ masking fluid 
  • Selection of right quality materials 
  • Step by Step guidance, for making PROJECT painting.
  • Submission of the complete painting 
  • Award Certificate on Submission of Painting and Testimonial.

Outcome of Course:

You will confidently plan, compose & paint watercolors in a step-by-step way.

You will acquire a Positive Mindset and become transformed & fulfilled.

You will feel empowered to make a  painting from start to finish, all by yourself.

It will be fun, easy and doable with me hand holding and guiding you in case of any challenge.